We're thrilled to give you an exclusive sneak peek into the upcoming new collection from Entos. Our team has been hard at work curating stunning pieces that encapsulate the latest trends, combined with our favorite Monet´s art collection, while staying true to our brand's essence.
We believe fashion & art are one.The world of art is a realm that constantly seeks inspiration from various sources, and sometimes, the most unexpected combinations lead to the creation of truly captivating pieces. That is what you are going to see in out new collection. Impressionist painters are renowned for their use of vibrant and unexpected color combinations. These color palettes, often influenced by nature and the changing seasons, find resonance in fashion collections where our designer Fernanda Mena experiment with unexpected color harmonies.
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From chic minimalism to vibrant statement pieces, we're here to unveil what's in online store for your wardrobe this season.Ever wondered what goes on behind the camera before those stunning online & social media images hit your screens? Here's a glimpse into the world of creativity, dedication, and meticulous planning that fuels our photoshoots.  A well-executed photoshoot has the power to capture moments, evoke emotions, and tell stories through the lens of a camera.

  Thanks to all our team who makes this magic happens! 

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