Getting Ready with Entos


“For me to use entos on my wedding day was super special, since it was not only that day, it all started the day my mother and sisters were to choose what we were going to use, it was a very unemployed experience, they made us feel At home and we had too fun while we tried, to be able to have that day with them stays in my heart forever. And well, the mere day since you start you start feeling super special and I feel that this is what they do of all special moments, I loved that many pieces are super versatile and that you not only use them that day, but you can continue using them and remembering how special it was to use those pieces. Thank you are the best. "

-Rerafa Fox


We love being part of this special day and listening to these types of experiences, which are the ones that make entos a unique brand. In entos you find the accessories for perfect girlfriends for your Getting Ready, with the best quality materials such as: Tull, Italian lace, Spanish, French, English and Satin Strech.




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