The sensuality of self -love ...

La sensualidad del amor propio...

We know that February is a month full of love and compliments everywhere. But in the middle of 2022, it seems to me that the key lies in the love you have yourself.

 And, in reality, we can say it from teeth outside; However, experiencing this individual acceptance is much more complicated than it seems.

Many times, social pressure is no longer to fulfill stereotypes but to fulfill the rules of self -love.

And really that is the problem. We must not meet all the requirements because de facto there are no! I think that the magic of self -love is the individuality that exists; the variety of ways of being; Well, they are all magical.

Then we realize that sensuality and happiness do not come just because they are part of the club, but be your best version. There are not two like you and that is your most powerful secret.

This February 14, let's raise awareness of the beauty of being the same, unique and unmatched.

Mini challenge Romantique Season: Look at the mirror every morning and name all those beautiful details that make you. Because there is nothing more sensual than true self -love.

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