What does the color of your lingerie mean?

el significado del color de tu lencería

All colors have a special meaning, and their presence in our clothes can indicate our personality, as well as our mood. It is no accident when we dress only black to when we dress totally white.

The above is the same in both outer and underwear, energy changes, as well as the way we feel.

Next we explain what the color of your lingerie means, so that the next time you buy some garment, in addition to getting carried away by your liking, think about the background.

Black lingerie

Black is the color of elegance, just as it is so see, it is also characterized by being associated with sophistication, seduction and sensuality. It is a traditional but never boring color, but quite the opposite.

White lingerie

White is a color that refers to purity and innocence, white lingerie has the power to be refined, elegant and delicate, which is why it is the favorite for the wedding night.

Lingerie in nude tones

Nude tones refer to the natural beauty of the body, by emulating skin color causes that sensuality that is also practical and resembles transparency.

Lingerie in dark tones

All those strident colors are related to sincerity, in addition to referring to female happiness, seduction and potentiality.

Lingerie in soft tones

When you use lingerie in soft tones they symbolize joy and positivity, in addition to referring to nature as well as a free spirit.

Find in entos the lingerie of the color that goes the most with you, the one that reflects your personality but above all, with which you feel more comfortable and happy.


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