Lingerie for brides - I'm going to get married; What lingerie do I wear?

Lencería para novias

You have found your dress, yes! Congratulations, the most difficult part is over! The only thing that remains is to make sure that it fits like a glove and that everything under that precious look is where it should be. A great adjustment begins with a large base.

What kind of lingerie should you buy if you are going to get married? All your choice depends definitively on two factors:


What makes you feel comfortable?

The cut of the dress will definitely issue decisions about adequate lingerie, however, you should make sure you feel as comfortable as possible.

Most of the wedding dresses are quite light color, which makes the choice of the proper color of the underwear very important. The key is to find underwear that approaches your natural skin tone as much.

If your dress does not have incorporated corsakers, we recommend that you look for a bralette bra that works with the cut of your clothing, remember that a bad choice of this piece can definitely change the entire look.

Get to the bottom, it is a fact that you have invested a lot in the look of your wedding; You don't want your panties line to steal the attention center!

In addition to finding the right tone, it is super important to make sure you have the right cut and adjustment. If your wedding dress is very tight, you may want to wear a thong. In addition, consider the high waist panties is enthalled and thus you will achieve a super stylized figure. This will provide additional support at the bottom of the abdomen and create a soft and pleasant surface.

The final touch

Resist the temptation to wear the wedding night lingerie under the dress on your wedding day. This may seem like a romantic idea, in theory, but trust us! No matter the climate you make, you will be dancing and sweating, leaving your lingerie less than fresh for when you reach your honeymoon suite. We recommend following all these tips for under your dress, meanwhile, protect your luxury lingerie in your room so that you ended everything you had planned for months, closing with a gold brooch.

Find in entos everything you need to finish your special day as a true goddess.


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